Kit Connor and Rachel Zegler in a screenshot from the trailer for "Romeo + Juliet" Source: YouTube

Watch: Kit Connor and Rachel Zegler Are Broadway's 'Romeo + Juliet'


It seems as if the Shakespearen tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" is having a bit of a resurgence. Tom Holland and Francesca Amewudah-Rivers are starring in a version of the story overseas on London's West End.

And now Kit Connor and Rachel Zegler are bringing their version, abbeviated to "Romeo + Juliet," to Broadway in a new adaptation directed by Sam Gold, reported The Daily Mail.

In a trailer for the production, Connor and Zegler look cozy as the star-crossed lovers whose love affair is bound to end in tears.

In a change of setting from the original story, which was set in 14th century Verona, Connor and Zeglar's story is set in modern suburbia. Connor's Romeo rocks a black racing jacket and jeans and Zegler is Y2K stylish, longing for her Romeo's company as she looks outside her bedroom window.

Over scene cuts meant to show off their chemistry, the two give slight Bonnie and Clyde vibes over innocently doomed lovers. In one scene they are running down her street, and in another they are singing together in a bathtub full of stuffed animals.

"With the presidential election coming up in November, I felt like making a show this fall that celebrates youth and hope, and unleashes the anger young people feel about the world they are inheriting," said director Gold in a statement.

The edge of the production is further driven home in a description of the story's context.

"The youth are f***ed. Left to their own devices in their parents' world of violent ends, an impulsive pair of star-crossed lovers hurtle towards their inescapable fate," the synopsis reads. "The intoxicating high of passion quickly descends into a brutal chaos that can only end one way."

Chaos, indeed.

See the full trailer for the production below, which will hit the stage Oct. 24, with previews starting Sept. 26. The production will mark Connor and Zegler's Broadway debuts, and will mark musician and producer Jack Antonoff's debut featuring new music.

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