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Don't Miss: Chef Josie Smith-Malave and the Power of Healthy Living

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday August 31, 2021
Originally published on August 26, 2021

Josie Smith-Malave
Josie Smith-Malave  

Chef Josie Smith-Malave has done it all. A classically trained chef, she's traveled the world, appeared on the hit TV series "Top Chef," and worked in the best kitchens across the country from New York City to San Francisco. She now calls Fort Lauderdale home and is the chef-owner of Bubbles & Pearls, an intimate dining spot and raw bar in LGBTQ+-friendly Wilton Manors.

Smith-Malave's dynamic career, which has also included a stint playing for the New York Sharks of the Independent Women's Football League, was put in jeopardy after she contracted COVID-19 early in the pandemic. Ever resilient, she's relied on her sobriety to get through tough times, both personally and professionally. Smith-Malave will share plenty of ideas for creating joyful, sober dining experiences at home, along with her approach to managing life's challenges through healthy living and eating.

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Recovery Unplugged's Vice President of Business Development Joseph Gorordo will join in the conversation, offering insights about the critical need for LGBTQ+ inclusivity and proper training in the drug and alcohol treatment industry and how Recovery Unplugged harnesses the power of music in its treatment programs.

Don't miss this intimate live interview with one of the country's leading #LGBTQ+ chefs and a closer look at Recovery Unplugged's groundbreaking work in addiction treatment.

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