Watch: Drew Barrymore Responds to Hugh Grant Calling Her Singing 'Horrendous'

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday March 18, 2023
Originally published on March 17, 2023

Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant in "Music and Lyrics."
Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant in "Music and Lyrics."  

Years later, Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant still have a cute, teasing chemistry together.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Grant was being interviewed by Wired, during their "the web's most-searched questions" segment, when he reflected on his film with Barrymore, "Music and Lyrics."

Grant admitted that, though he is really singing in the film, his voice is auto-tuned within an inch of its life.

He then added, "Actually, that's not true. I'm auto-tuned a bit, but not as much as some."

He then let it slipped that the "some" he was referring to might have been Barrymore, whose singing he called "horrendous."

While laughing, the actor went on to say that Barrymore, who starred opposite him in the 2007 rom-com, wouldn't mind him saying that "her singing is just horrendous" in the film.

He added, "I've heard dogs bark better than she sings. But ... once they tuned her up, she sounded way better than me, because she's got heart and voice and rock 'n' roll. Whereas I sounded like Julie Andrews and I meant to be kind of rock 'n' roll as well."

Hilarious! In response Barrymore took some time out of her busy schedule as a talk show host to sing him "Way Back Into Love" from the film, and posted the clip on Instagram with the caption:

"#SingForHughGrant JOIN ME."

It's cute and right on brand for the "Charlie's Angels" actor.

"Oh Hugh, Bert, Hubert, that's for you," she said.

See the moment below.