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It's a 'Oui!' for Montreal's Black & Blue Festival and Carnaval des Couleurs

Friday August 20, 2021

The following is a press release from Montreal Black & Blue Festival and the Montreal Carnaval des Couleurs:

The 2021 Montreal Black & Blue Festival and the Montreal Carnaval des Couleurs is in full swing, and the programming is falling into place.

For all those still wondering whether there be a 30th Anniversary Black & Blue Festival and a presentation of the Carnaval des Couleurs in October 2021, the founding president of the BBCM Foundation, Robert J. Vezina, answers: Yes!

The events are to be held from October 7 to 11 (including the long Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend).

The big question that still remains is this: What forms will the these two related events take?

Mr. Vézina notes that the organizing committee is working in concert with the municipal authorities and public health officials to foresee the most plausible scenarios, according to current and future health instructions. "We all hope that the situation in October will allow us to hold events face to face as much as possible. That's why we're setting up different scenarios for each activity, so that we can adapt to the reality of the moment when we'll know exactly what to expect. "

For these, and other reasons, it is not yet possible for tickets to paying events to go on sale, nor any possible passes or free reservation systems for some Carnaval des Couleurs activities. On the other hand, some Black & Blue VIP passes may soon be on sale, which will be valid even if the events must be held at limited capacity in a hybrid-virtual format.

Diversified and Inclusive Programming

Here is what we can expect in the current programming for the 30th anniversary of the BBCM Foundation:

  • Carnaval des Couleurs (free activities)

  • 3 distinct sites planned: Complexe Desjardins, Place Émilie-Gamelin, and rue Ste Catherine in the gay Village

  • Acoustic presentations in the Village, including an evening street presentation on October 9 on Ste-Catherine Street and activities in the small parks in the area during the weekend, with street arts, dance, circus, giant puppets, etc.

  • Presentations with amplified sound at Place Émilie-Gamelin and Complexe Desjardins, with a variety of performing artists

  • A launch party for the Carnaval des Couleurs scheduled for Friday evening October 8 at Complexe Desjardins Black & Blue Festival (30th anniversary) (mostly ticketed events)

  • Thursday October 7: VIP Black & Blue launch cocktail
  • Thursday October 7: Party Twinkle (in the gay Village, club to be determined)

  • Friday October 8: Leather Ball (planned site: Cabaret du Lion dīOr)

  • Saturday, October 9: Uniform Party (planned site: Le Ministère venue)

  • Sunday October 10 until the next day October 11: Black & Blue 30th Anniversary main event (planned site: the huge loading docks of the Montreal Olympic Stadium), starting with an important 30th anniversary Gala-Show of the BBCM Foundation at the same location (special show with artists and live acts).

    A few other related activities may be added.

    "Of course, in all cases, the presentation of these activities depends on the situation and the instructions of the public health authority," specifies Robert J. Vezina, who underlines the exceptional challenge of the organization of such an event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the postponement of all BBCM Foundation activities in 2020.

    What is certain is that, regardless of the situation, from October 7 to 11, the Carnaval des Couleurs and the Black & Blue Festival will take place, whether in person, a virtual-in person hybrid, or virtual only. All scenarios are currently being considered.

    "We had to be original and change our way of doing things to get to present our events somehow this year. We are convinced that the various clienteles will appreciate our efforts to offer them with quality programming in the best possible conditions," concluded the President of the BBCM Foundation.

    More details are to come on the website and on the website, as well as on social media (Facebook and Instagram).