In What Country Do Men Have the Most Sexual Partners?

Sunday December 5, 2021
Originally published on October 27, 2021

In What Country Do Men Have the Most Sexual Partners?
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Do Americans have more sex than Canadians? How about our friends across the pond in the U.K., or Iceland, often considered the most liberal country in the world? The nation that comes out on top may surprise you.

Men's mental health platform Manual created a seed list of 35 countries from around the world, but with 197 countries in total as recognized by the United Nations, a good portion were left out of the running. But those that remained may pique your interest.

"While people in some countries prove to have more sexual partners than others, it is important not to compare yourself to these figures," says Manual's medical director Dr. Earim Chaudry. "Safe, consensual sex should always also be practiced, and the number of sexual partners does not correlate with a man's level of satisfaction with their sex life."

Men in Turkey have the highest number of sexual partners throughout their lifetime, with 14.5 on average. While homosexuality is legal in Turkey, the country doesn't offer discrimination protection or allow same-sex marriage. Equaldex's 2019 ranking indicates that 57% of Turkish citizens believe that society shouldn't accept homosexuality. While disturbing, it's a vast improvement over 2013, which revealed 73%.

While Turkish men appear to be frolicking with the most partners worldwide, Australia ranks second with an average of 13.3 sexual partners, followed by neighbor New Zealand (13.2 sexual partners). Where does the U.S. fall on this list? A meager #13, with 10.7 partners during one's lifetime. Which country landed on the bottom? India, with an average of 3 partners throughout a man's lifetime.

The report also discovered revealed which countries lose their virginity earlier than others. Iceland took the number one spot with an average of 15.6 years, followed by Denmark at 16.1 years and Sweden at 16.2. The age of consent in all three countries is 15.

Here in the U.S., sex positivity has had its ups and downs. Adult content creator Davey Wavey has ridden the wave for 15 years. "A lot has changed... but one thing has stayed the same: I've always created content about the things that interest me," he told Chicago Go Pride. "I've followed my passion all along, and that's probably why my heart is still in the work that I do after all these years. What's alive for me now is creating videos about sex and sexuality; that's where my focus is today.

Even Superman is getting in on the action, with D.C. Comics introducing his new boyfriend, Jay Nakamura, to fans' delight.

Manual's study doesn't differentiate gender in its calculation. Still, it does encourage thoughtful consideration when engaging in sexual activity, with Dr. Chaudry saying, "While we can see differences in countries, it is important to remember that men from all over the world should only have sex when they feel ready."