Watch: Is This the Gayest Commercial of 2021?

Saturday November 13, 2021
Originally published on October 26, 2021

Have you seen the gayest commercial of 2021?

Advertisers have been stealthily dropping LGBTQ easter eggs in commercials. In an ad for the online car seller Vroom, a user is seen at its end explaining to another man, who appears to be drinking his morning coffee, how he used the service with the implication being that they are a couple and this is their morning routine.

The LGBTQ implications are a bit under the surface there; not so much in a new ad for another online car buying service (are LGBTQs disproportionally selling cars online?) — this one for Car Gurus called "We Need Space."

The commercial is broken down on the industry site

In it, hunky Mike is seen standing in a living room dressed in Spandex with luggage all around him. "This is never going to work. We gotta move on," he says lifting up his phone. At that point, another man enters and nervously says, "Move on? You're breaking up with me? Not in Spandex you're not."

He is answered by a Car Gurus spokesperson who appears sitting on the back of an SUV that backs into the living room, explaining how he is shopping for a new car online.

Still, Mike's bf isn't convinced. "Who's he?"

The man explains, but the bf is still concerned.

"Wait a need space?" he asks when the CG spokesperson mentions that the new car offers more room. "Trunk space," answers Mike.

Finally understanding that they're not breaking up, the couple hug with Mike's bf thanking the Car Gurus spokesperson.

Watch the commercial below: