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Seth MacFarlane Deletes Tweet Using SCOTUS Ruling to Promote 'Ted 2'

Monday Jun 29, 2015

"Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane was quick to delete an eye roll-inducing tweet where he used the Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage Friday to promote his new film, "Ted 2."

While other celebrities around the country were tweeting their support for the landmark ruling, which makes same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, MacFarlane decided to use the opportunity to plug "Ted 2," though he quickly removed the message.

"Celebrate the legalization of same-sex marriage by going to see 'Ted 2' as he fights for HIS rights!" MacFarlane, 41, wrote.

The comedian's followers were quick to screen cap the tweet before he took it down, USA Today points out.

"You can delete your tweets, MacFarlane, but we can screen cap them," one user wrote, attaching the image of his tweet.

Gay Star News reported on other comments directed towards him over his tweet.

"Fire Seth MacFarlane out of a cannon and into the sun," one user wrote.

Nevertheless, the "Ted 2" director did make some supportive tweets in the marriage ruling.


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