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Watch: Texas Man Says Dairy Queen Employees Refused Service Because He's Gay

Tuesday Sep 12, 2017

A Texas man says employees at a Dairy Queen location discriminated against him last week by refusing to serve him and his partner because they're gay, local news station KXAN reports.

Richard Jones of Round Rock, Texas says he and his partner stopped by the Dairy Queen in Pflugerville, Texas last Thursday afternoon for lunch. After waiting for nearly 30 minutes for food, a cashier allegedly told Jones the manager didn't want to serve the men because they're gay.

"I simply took my receipt up to the register and asked the cashier, 'Did you remember our order? Did you forget our order'" Jones told KXAN. "He looked at the receipt and said 'I'm sorry' as tears ran down his face and said 'I'm sorry there was a problem with your order.'"

The cashier, who was not named in the news station's report, told KXAN he told Jones he would refund his money.

"I said 'here's [sic] your receipts,'" said the cashier, "I said 'there's an issue, the manager's discriminating against gays.'" But later on in KXAN's report, the cashier claims his manager didn't specifically say he didn't want to serve the men because they're gay.

"I kept telling him, 'They needed their burgers, they needed their burgers,'" the cashier said.

Both Jones and the cashier said the manager was in the back of the restaurant cooking burgers during the conversation.

"I sat there in shock," Jones told KXAN. "I said, 'Well are you kidding me? May I ask to speak to the manager who has this issue with me?' And about that time the manager raises a Hunger Buster cheeseburger over the food line, screaming at me, 'Just calm down, just calm down!

"You'll get your food, you'll get your food, you'll get your order,' as he shook the cheeseburger at me," he added.

Jones said he and his partner were eventually given food even after the cashier gave them their money back.

Jones also shared his story on Facebook a day after the incident, which was shared several times. He eventually made the post private, but KXAN was able to share a screen grab of the post.

The cashier told the news station he was sent home Thursday with pay and was told to stay home Friday.

Vasari LLC, which owns 75 Dairy Queen locations including the one in question, issued a statement about the incident to KXAN.

"We are currently investigating the recent customer service issue at our Pflugerville location. We are taking this incident very seriously. The safety and well-being of our customers and employees are our top priority. We do not and will not tolerate discrimination in our restaurants. We expect our employees to treat every person who walks through our doors with the utmost dignity and respect. Nothing less is acceptable."

A rep from the company said they couldn't confirm or deny the incident. The official Dairy Queen Twitter account also responded to Jones' story.

Watch KXAN's report on the incident below.


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