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Twitter Users Discover Ted Cruz Liked Porn Video

Tuesday Sep 12, 2017

The Twitter watchdogs have Ted Cruz in their crosshairs.

Savvy social media users who had an eye on the failed GOP presidential candidate reportedly noticed the U.S. Texas senator cruising x-rated Twitter accounts and that he "liked" a 2-minute porn clip. After liking it, the video then appeared in his followers' feeds, which went down around early Tuesday morning. The Verge reports it is unclear if Cruz liked the x-rated clip himself or if someone else using his verified Twitter account liked it.

The website notes Cruz liked the clip for nearly an hour before it was un-liked and taken down around 1:20 a.m. After Twitter users quickly poked fun at the like, Cruz's communication director, Catherine Frazier, responded to the controversy.

The Verge writes that by the sound of Frazier's response it "would seem to indicate that Cruz and Co are preparing an 'I was hacked' defense popularized by the disgraced Anthony Weiner."

As The New York Post writes, the video, which came from a Twitter account called @SexuallPosts, shows a blonde woman "who vaguely resembles Cruz's wife Heidi enthusiastically watches as two naked people have sex on a couch."

The ultra-conservative Cruz has built his platform on family values and Christian beliefs. At one point in his career, Cruz even defended a Texas ban on the sale of sex toys in the state.


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