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Watch: Kirk Cameron Claims Hurricanes are God's 'Punishment' or 'Love'

Monday Sep 11, 2017

Kirk Cameron, the former child actor turned darling of the evangelical circuit, can now add religious weatherman to his growing CV.

Responding to back-to-back hurricanes Harvey and Irma that ripped through the southeastern United States, Cameron offered his explanation for the super storms. Spoiler alert: climate change isn't mentioned. Speaking on a Facebook video, Cameron said the storms that left thousands homeless were messages from God.

"How should we look at two giant hurricanes coming back-to-back like this?" Cameron asked. "Do we write them off as coincidence? Do we write it off as a statistical anomaly? Wow! Who would've thought? Is it just Mother Nature in a bad mood? I don't know how you think about it but I think it could be something much more than all of that."

While scientists point to rising ocean temperatures as a cause for the increased frequency of hurricanes, Cameron claims that they are "a spectacular display of God's immense power" which he sends for a reason.

Referencing The Bible's Book of Job, Cameron noted thatĀ God "causes [hurricanes like Irene and Harvey] to happen for punishment." He also claimed that the storms "demonstrateĀ His faithful love."

At least he didn't blame the gays.

Watch it here


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