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Watch: Older Gay Men Do Their Best to Understand Queer Slang

Thursday May 24, 2018
Bill, Robert and Mick speak with Into magazine about queer slang.
Bill, Robert and Mick speak with Into magazine about queer slang.  (Source:YouTube Still via Into)

The constantly evolving and changing LGBTQ community has no shortage of slang, some of which has crossed over into mainstream culture. "YAASS," "werk," "kiki," "Miss Vanji!" - most of which originated from queer people of color from the ballroom scene - have become part of the lexicon.

Grindr's queer magazine Into recently released a new video in which they ask older gay men to interpret and guess the meaning of popular queer slang, like "slay," "bussy," "extra" and a number of catchphrases from "RuPaul's Drag Race."

Speaking with three older men who all identify is gay, Into asked Bill, Robert and Mick words "younger gays these days" use in conversation.

When asked about "bussy," Robert eventual exclaims, "Oh! It's an abbreviation for 'boy pussy!'"

When asked about "bop," Robert says, "It's like a foreign language!"

Find out which words and phrases the men are able to correctly guess and which ones they totally blunder.

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